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For starters, I'm a husband, father of four, a vegetarian and a person that never looks back and wished I had done something different.  It's our journey that makes us who we are and who I am would not be, if anything in my past had taken another course.

I own and operate a recording studio in North Hollywood called Riott House Studio. Currently, I am producing a record for Rob Zombie’s guitarist, John 5.  I’ve also been fortunate enough to host sessions for Rob Zombie’s new record due out in 2019, writing sessions for Juliette and The Licks and many more.  In 2018, I produced the vocals for a Mandarin version of Cold Play’s “Yellow” for the smash movie, “Crazy Rich Asians.  Music is my passion and to be able to earn a living doing what I love is truly a dream come true.  


Besides writing and producing, I have been in the music, entertainment and branding business for 25 years. I've covered the gamut from concept creation, event management, training, marketing and brand evolvement.  Simply put, there’s no box too big for me to think outside of. I've worked with Lucky Strike Entertainment as Head of Marketing & Live Entertainment, where I managed brand identity, corporate partnerships, digital marketing campaigns, a live music program and more. I took a hip bowling alley in the heart of Hollywood, CA and turned it into a top contender in the busy market of live music…hosting events with performers such as Johnny Depp, Gene Simmons, Nuno Bettencourt, Gilby Clarke, Extreme, Robin Zander, Dave Grohl, Robbie Krieger, Chris Shiflett, Zack Wylde, Papa Roach and countless others.


Brand to brand, brand to consumer...companies have turned to me for collaboration, connecting like minded roots in an effort to bring a fresh perspective on entertainment to current and new consumers. Virgin Produced, D’Angelico Guitars, Gibson Guitars, Zemaitis Guitars, Bose Professional, Shure, Friedman Amplification, Drum Workshop, Aguilar Amplification, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, The Mending Kids Organization and

Rocker’s United are just some of the brands that I have worked with, creating special events, fundraising and brand awareness campaigns.

Being a musician myself, I appeared on Tommy Lee’s, Methods of Mayhem album, “A Public Disservice Announcement”. I wrote and performed the theme song, "Who's The (Bat)Man for the Lego: Batman movie with Patrick Stump of Fallout Boy on vocals. I've had music in Godzilla, HBO’s True Blood and promo’s for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, UFC and more. I'm currently in the studio with my own project, The Anatomy.

Well rounded, open-minded and rarely taking myself serious; describes the

foundation of what I am and what I am capable of doing.

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