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December 24, 2017


Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Cover


Better late than never! I decided a couple of weeks ago to put a little Southern Harmony on the classic, Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree with a few of my friends.  So I dove into my studio, 3 Chords, and away we went. Check it out and download it for free! 

December 12, 2023


John Buckley: European Tour Dates Confirmed

European Tour confirmed to start this October, kicking off in Munich, Germany. Cities confirmed so far include Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin, Paris and Prague. 

November 27, 2023


Emilia Cole: New Single – Fire, Earth and Stone, OUT NOW

The highly anticipated track from Maria Sanchez is out in shops and available to download NOW. The song, featuring DJ Larizia is expected to enter into the charts by the end of the week.


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